Upper Shoreham Road: and so it begins!

Work has begun! West Sussex County Council contractors have made a start on installing temporary bike lanes along Upper Shoreham Road.

We’ve shared lots of information about what’s happening in an earlier detailed post.

But here are some additional thoughts from us, as the new lanes become real. We know that while some of us are excited about the temporary lanes, others are concerned. Alongside the celebrations, will there also be arguments? Disagreements? Very possibly.

1. Let’s hold our judgement until the lanes are finished

It’s hard to get the measure of the new lanes until we’ve seen them in full. The design being used is very different to the shape of projects you may have seen in places like Hove and Worthing. We predict it will have very little impact on the way we drive along Upper Shoreham Road.

2. Let’s give them time

When cycling becomes safer, we don’t always see an immediate rush in numbers of people on bikes. If takes a bit of time for people to get used to the idea, overcome their doubts and try and change in their transport habits.

3. Let’s be constructive in our feedback

Whether you are a fan or otherwise, let’s make our feedback to the councils as helpful as possible. If you’re a fan of the lanes, can you explain why? Are there any bits that are better than others? If you don’t like the new lanes, can you explain why? And if you could change them, how would you do this?

4. Let’s give them a try

When the new lanes are fully open (maybe in about 10 days), it’ll be time to try them out! These cycle lanes are being created so that more people in Shoreham have a wider choice about how they get around. Even if you wouldn’t describe yourself as ‘a cyclist’ (in fact, especially if you wouldn’t), this could be an opportunity to try a bike more often for those short journeys around our town. If you need help, you know we’re here if you need us.

2 thoughts on “Upper Shoreham Road: and so it begins!”

  1. I’ve already seen enough in Hove.  Traffic taking 4 x longer to move through traffic lights increasing pollution from static cars.  What a waste of money.  Ian petittTel : +447802832826


    1. Hi Ian.
      Did you notice how the design of these lanes is entirely different to the way things were done in Hove? There’s no reason at all to believe traffic will be slowed.


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