Shoreham improvements: tell WSCC what you think

More consultation?

West Sussex County Council is holding another consultation on improvements for Shoreham.

Here’s why:

The council’s last engagement, in March, helped them gauge the appetite among local people for change. And around two-thirds gave a clear “Yes please!”

Let’s look at the detail

Now it’s time to look at details: specific ideas and possibilities to make two main areas easier and safer for getting around by bike, and on foot:

  • Upper Shoreham Road (as a key strategic cross-Shoreham route)
  • Middle Road, Eastern Avenue and surrounding areas (important due to schooltime traffic in particular)

Even if you’ve already completed WSCC’s engagement in March, it’s important to participate in this consultation now – to help move ideas forward.

How about money?

Isn’t there a risk that Department for Transport funding won’t be available? It’s true that DfT funding is currently looking uncertain, but WSCC is continuing with the important task of consultation and design, to ensure that when funds are available, projects are ready to build.

Have your say

So: Take a look at these important ideas. See what you like, and what you don’t. Consider the aspects you like, and the parts you feel should be different. Then complete the survey to tell WSCC what you think.

The biggest question

There are many details for you to consider, but one of the most important questions is: “Should Upper Shoreham Road feature a single two-way cycle track, or a pair of one-way cycle tracks, one on each side of the road?”

Our recommendation on this is that a PAIR OF ONE-WAY CYCLE TRACKS offers the best design for Upper Shoreham Road – easier, simpler and safer whether you’re cycling or driving.

Take a look

Any questions, just let us know, but put the kettle on, and take a look now at WSCC’s ideas for improving travel in Shoreham.

One thought on “Shoreham improvements: tell WSCC what you think”

  1. I would like to pass on my thanks and appreciation to the 2 gentleman at the Adur Market on Saturday 24th July, I had a lot of questions. What was clear is that West Sussex have not thought through the detail on the surrounding roads very well at all. However the improvements to the Upper Shoreham Road would only work safely for pedestrians, cyclists and cars if there was a lane on each side of the road.


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