2022 local election candidates: St Nicolas ward

We have asked all candidates in May’s Adur District Council elections to answer some questions on cycling and transport, to help residents decide on their vote.

Here are the responses we have received so far for St Nicolas ward. If you do not see a response from a candidate you’re looking for, we have not yet received one, and we’ll publish it when we do.

Candidate: Julian Shinn
Party: Green Party

1. What will you do to bring meaningful improvement to cycling in Adur, not in the distant future, but soon?

My guarantee as a Green candidate is a genuine commitment to cycling & other forms of active travel. When you vote for a Green candidate, you know where my priorities lie. You know that my fundamental concern is the climate crisis facing our planet & people and that I will work persistently to address this challenge on a local basis. 

One key part of that challenge is the urgent need to re-think the way we move around. For all the many benefits it has bought us, the internal combustion engine is destroying our planet, choking our children, and clogging up our capacity to get around.

It is essential to our future that we re-design our living environment to allow and encourage people to move away from the car and enjoy other methods of moving around – walking, cycling, mobility vehicles, other wheeled transport (scooters, etc) and public transport. 

In our future, the current priority given to motor vehicles – even electric – cannot be sustained. It is inefficient, unequal, and dangerous, especially when operating in the same spaces as pedestrians and cyclists.

This is the bottom line. And whilst many solutions lie at national government and county council level, I will do everything in my power, if elected as district councillor, to promote cycling as a key component of active travel.

This means holding cycling safety and infrastructure high and central in my priorities, making strong and persistent arguments for change, supporting local campaigns, and showing leadership. 

Leadership means advocating change not because it is the prevailing political mood, but because the future health of planet and people demand it. It means taking brave decisions, even in the face of opposition and not hiding behind consultation after consultation.

Consultation on the nature and design of improvements is, of course, important and all stakeholders need to be involved in this, but the decisions for change need to be clear and determined. This had very sadly been lacking over many, many years at district and county level.

I believe that, at district level, it is possible to effect change and, as we gain more Green councillors in years ahead, this impact will grow. 

There’s much that can be done already. Motions of support for cycling and other travel infrastructure at district level will influence county planning. Giving support to campaigning initiatives, such as the Red Lion crossing, can add weight and legitimacy. Raising cycling infrastructure in regard to all planning applications, with generous targets for bicycle use, storage and access.

Let me address specifics…

2. In your ward, or in Adur more widely, what specific problems, challenges or solutions would you like to address that would enable more safe, easy everyday journeys by bike?

I will be supporting and proposing a number of initiatives –

  1. A motion of support for a 20mph speed limit for all residential areas of Shoreham and throughout the district. Evidence has shown that this improves safety significantly for cyclists & pedestrians, it is not an expensive change and I believe the motion of support would create a strong signal of support for county council decision making.
  2. Place pressure on the county council to complete the Red Lion crossing.
  3. Urgently address Middle Road cycling infrastructure which persistently places our young people at risk as they head to and from Shoreham Academy.
  4. Give persistent support to the campaign to develop infrastructure for the Upper Shoreham Road which is designed to the best specifications and creates a safe artery for cyclists, pedestrians, and mobility vehicles.
  5. Give similar support to and lobby for the development of the A259 artery.
  6. Lobby for all cycling infrastructure to meet Department for Transport “Gear Change” Key Design principles (attached).
  7. Continue to lobby and support extension of cycle share schemes into the Adur area .
  8. With local stakeholders, develop a blueprint for effective cycling arteries throughout the district – east to west and north to south.
  9. Scrutinise planning applications to ensure that cyclist provision and infrastructure is a key component within any new build.
  10. Lobby for ‘before and after’ school road closure schemes at local schools (eg. Swiss Gardens, Shoreham Academy / Hammy Lane entrance)

3. Do you have any other ambitions for cycling or other forms of sustainable transport in Shoreham and Adur, particularly as the population of our district grows in coming years?

Very much so! As I explained above, our ambition should be for a network of ‘movement arteries’ across our area which allows and incentivises safe, active travel.

  1. Scrutiny of all planning applications to ensure they promote rather than restrict pedestrian through-paths.
  2. Further pedestrian development in Shoreham and throughout the district. Specifically in Shoreham to promote pedestrian walkways from Station / Pond Lane right through to Ferry Road and Shoreham Beach.
  3. Given the development of the New Monks Farm area, to lobby for an A27 limited bus service to provide a ‘northern public transport artery’ to the district.
  4. Lobby for bus lane infrastructure on the A259 to increase the efficiency / reliability of the Stagecoach 700 service between Worthing and Brighton.
  5. Lobby for improvement to bus services north of the Upper Shoreham Road including frequency and timing of the Compass 19 service.
  6. Lobby for ticket integration between companies – Stagecoach / Compass / Brighton & Hove – to minimise multiple tickets over extended journeys.
  7. Lobby for extension of Car Share schemes into the Adur area. Car clubs reduce private car ownership and congestion. Ensure all new developments have ‘Car Club’ parking provision.
  8. Lobby with Southern Rail to improve the capacity and frequency of West Coastway services. This is an essential public travel artery and services should include larger, more frequent trains.

One thought on “2022 local election candidates: St Nicolas ward”

  1. Brilliant. Love all Julian Shinn’s proposals. I hope he gets in and can start making a positive impact in St. Nics ward and the whole of the cycling and public transport network in the wider area.


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