Upper Shoreham Road: Let’s talk about parking…

A consultation has begun to help guide the future of cycling and walking in Shoreham – and central to this is Upper Shoreham Road.

Among the successes of last year’s temporary cycle scheme, like its impressive usage numbers and no delay to motor traffic, there were also some concerns. Chief among these doubts seems to have been car parking.

While the temporary cycle lane scheme was in place, car parking was suspended along the areas of Upper Shoreham Road that lacked marked, dedicated spaces (though parking was retained in areas near Southlands shops and Buckingham Park). For some of us, reduced ability to park cars on Upper Shoreham Road was inconvenient.

So does this mean that a future, permanent scheme involves a choice between cycling and car parking?

No. Let’s look at why…

We can have good cycleways AND car parking

With some careful design, and enough space, it’s perfectly possible for a street like Upper Shoreham Road to accommodate safe cycling and spaces to park cars. There are several ways to do this, but one of the methods that works well elsewhere is known as ‘floating parking’. Cycling in the ‘door zone’ of cars isn’t safe, so car parking can be positioned accordingly, with the added benefit of further protecting people on bikes from moving traffic. This isn’t a new idea, and some good examples can be seen here in the Netherlands and, somewhat closer to home, in Hove.

How much car parking should there be?

When we’re driving, we all appreciate easy parking, of course. But this doesn’t mean we need to be able to park on every part of both sides of every road, all the time. Together, we can consider how much of a road’s space is useful to give over to parking, without losing space that can be used for safe cycle journeys.

Where should parking spaces be positioned?

Where would parking be most useful? Regularly spaced stretches along the length of Upper Shoreham Road, to help with visitors and deliveries? Parking areas near schools, nurseries and other popular stopping points? There are many possibilities. And more pedestrian crossings can help join it all together. What do you think would provide the best approach?

Have your say

You can tell West Sussex County Council how you think we can best strike the balance between safety when we’re cycling and convenience when we’re driving – by participating in its online consultation, open until 26 March.

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