AREA public meeting – 16 April 2018

Monday night was our first public outing as Shoreham-By-Cycle! Clive, Irv and Alastair went along to the Adur Residents Environmental Action meeting.

There were about 150 people there – many with strong opinions about pollution in Shoreham and the prospect of new building development. (Our opinion on new developments is neutral, but we feel improvements to Shoreham’s cycling environment would be a great thing – with or without new developments.) A panel included key people from The Shoreham Society and Adur Residents Environmental Action, as well as a local representative from Friends of the Earth.

We got the chance to ask a question, so we asked if the panel agreed with us that cycling is currently under-utilised as a way of getting around Shoreham, and if the invited panel had any views on what steps could be put in place to improve the situation.

Sadly, there wasn’t time to get a response from the panel, but the really great thing was the response we got from those present in the room. In a room of around 150 people, there were many words of agreement, and only a couple of heckles of objection!

When the event finished, many people came to speak to us and to ask us about Shoreham-By-Cycle. Thank you to everyone who did.

What we learned:
– There are many people in Shoreham who agree with us that cycling is a great way to get around our town, but it could be better.
– We don’t all agree on the exact details of what needs to change, but we’re happy to share ideas.
– Many people want to stay in touch, and get involved with whatever we do next.

Many of you asked about our website. We don’t currently have one, but when it’s built, we’ll be sure to share its details here.

So thank you, and onward we ride!

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