A July update from Shoreham-By-Cycle

These early days for Shoreham-By-Cycle have certainly been busy. Things are moving quickly, and our work is expanding.

In order to keep co-ordination and plan our next steps, the core team at the heart of Shoreham-By-Cycle get together every few weeks, to look at our progress, identify challenges, and make plans.

Here’s an overview of what we’re working on at the moment…

Sussex Yacht Club

Plans for the redevelopment of Sussex Yacht Club make for very positive news. We’re pleased to see that a cycle route – of some kind – will be provided along the northern edge of the site, but we are concerned about limited space and the precise design of the space. We’re in conversation with West Sussex County Council to get further clarity. As part of the improvement of National Cycle Network Route 2, it is vital that new facilities beside the A259 are of the highest quality – eventually connecting up to create a major direct cycle route between Shoreham and Southwick.


New Salts Farm Road

The new speed bumps installed by Hyde Housing remain problematic, presenting a safety risk for people using bikes to travel between Lancing/Shoreham Beach and the airport area. We’re persisting with our conversation with Hyde Housing, offering to help with examples of how the design may be easily adjusted to provide a safer solution.


Bike-Sharing in Shoreham

Many people have asked us about the possibility of extending bike-sharing schemes (like Brighton’s BTN BikeShare or Worthing’s Donkey Republic) into Shoreham, as our town is currently lost between the bike-sharing in our two larger neighbours. We know the huge benefits of bike-sharing, so we’ll be discussing the possibilities with councils and providers.

Riverside changes

We recently took part in a tour of the large-scale flood defence work that is currently underway beside the River Adur. Of particular interest were changes along the western riverbank beside the airport, where there will be an improvement in the path that runs parallel to Cecil Pashley Way. We’re on the case to press for maximum utility for people on bikes, with regard to factors like width and surfacing.


As a temporary measure, an ad hoc ramp has been re-opened providing pedestrian access between the airport area and Shoreham Recreation Ground. This is a big improvement for people using bikes (or other mobility aids, like wheelchairs) to access the businesses around the airport, Lancing College, and recreational routes like the Downs Link. We’ll be contacting the airport management to thank them for this ramp, and asking them to make it a permanent facility. Our full report of the tour is on Facebook.

Adur and Worthing Cycling and Walking Action Group

We are now members of Adur and Worthing Cycling and Walking Action Group, which is a very positive gathering of parties interested in improving the situation for cycling a walking in our area. We’re working with AWCWAG to gather evidence that will help plan for better infrastructure for active travel.

New Monks Farm, IKEA and the A27 crossing

The proposed developments at New Monks Farm will have a major impact on Shoreham. We are extremely grateful to Brighton and Hove Friends of the Earth, who have commissioned and submitted a report to Adur and Worthing councils. Their report makes some clear constructive criticism of various aspects of current proposals, including proposed cycle infrastructure within new housing, and the removal of the ‘Sussex Pad’ crossing – currently a very useful facility for cyclists.


Meeting local politicians and groups

It’s important that Shoreham-By-Cycle represents everyone in Shoreham who stands to benefit from better cycling facilities, so we’re always keen to make connections and have useful conversations with others.

We recently met with Catherine Arnold, councillor for the St Mary’s area, and also with the Shoreham Society, who keep a close eye on developments and changes in our town. We’ve also met with other cycling advocacy groups, like Sustrans, Bricycles and Horsham District Cycling Forum, all of whom have been really helpful and welcoming.

We’re lining up other meetings and chats with people involved in important conversations. If you’d like a chat, get in touch!



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