The future of Kingston Wharf

There was a public consultation last Thursday with Hyde Housing on their Kingston Wharf development proposals. Shoreham-By-Cycle went along to have a chat with Hyde from a cycling perspective.


We asked about the NCN2 route which is due to be moved from its current Middle Road position to a riverside position by the A259 between the Adur Ferry Bridge to the lighthouse.

Hyde has apparently moved its development further away from the A259 to allow provision for West Sussex County Council to build the cycle path. 

We spoke to Hyde about cycle parking as there are 255 homes and they are providing car parking but only for 231 cars. They did say that there are areas in the basement which are not suitable for cars to park, but can be used for cycle storage and they said up to 500 bikes can be stored there with the use of the two tiered cycle racks, like they use at the station. Hyde did tell us that people might chose to use the space to store kayaks or other things instead of bikes though.

We’re hoping that with this many cycle parking facilities there will be suitable investment in the cycling infrastructure and transport links.

In regards to the ‘riverside walk’ they said that they see it as a shared use path for people to enjoy a ride and a walk down. However at the moment it isn’t connected to anything so isn’t part of a useful link to transport people. We’re not sure how we feel about this and would either like the NCN2 route to use that instead of being by the road with a dedicated segregated path – or possibly for it to just be for walking and not to confuse the matter.

We spoke to the head of land and planning for Hyde who said they were meeting with the council transport people to discuss all of this. So we wish them luck and of course offer any help that we can to make Shoreham a better place to get around on two / three wheels.

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