This is Bike Week 2020. Be a hero.

Bike Week is the week each year when, across the UK, organisations and enthusiasts celebrate and promote cycling, cycles and cyclists.

But of course, this year feels quite different to most, doesn’t it?

Usually, as Shoreham-By-Cycle, you won’t ever hear us talk about cycling as a challenge, or anything heroic, because we think getting around by bike should be one of the most normal, ordinary, easy things in our town. No big deal.

But 2020 is different. Our lives have changed, and the way we use various modes of transport has also changed. With public transport still discouraged, there’s a real risk that a boom in car use will soon make our roads crowded, polluted places.

Of course, for some people, cars are indispensable, and many are dreading the threat of more cars on the roads.

So here’s what you can do: Ride a bike.

Each time you decide to make a short journey by bike, rather than by car, you’re helping your neighbours. You’re freeing up road space for people who have no choice but to use a car.

So usually, while we avoid talk of cycling being a heroic act, this week, and this year, it’s different.

Be a hero, Shorehamites. Ride a bike.

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