What’s the future for Southwick Square?

We’ve just had a really good chat with Councillor Stephen Chipp about Southwick Square and what might be done to improve it.

We like Southwick Square. It’s a great little hub of shops and facilities, within easy walking and cycling distance for thousands of local residents.


But Southwick Square isn’t perfect, and Cllr Chipp recently asked, via Facebook, what could be done to bring improvements. So we met him in the Square for a conversation, as did several other local residents.

The main point we made to Cllr Chipp was that Southwick Square would be a more pleasant, less polluted, and more people-focussed place if walking and cycling to the square was an easier, more enjoyable thing to do. Many local shopping trips are only for a few items, and a car isn’t always needed.

With this in mind, we suggested:

  • An extension of the BTN BikeShare scheme into Southwick, enabling easy journeys by bike.
  • The need for more good quality bike infrastructure leading to Southwick Square, for example across Southwick Green or down Southwick Street
  • At present, Southwick Square is technically an ‘access only’ street – so not to be used as a through route. But this remains unenforced, with many people driving through. Perhaps physical measures like bollards would retain vehicular access while blocking ‘rat running’.
  • It is illegal to ‘idle’ a vehicle for no good reason, yet many people sit in vehicles with their engines running. This affects air quality in Southwick Square.

Solutions may not be quick and easy, but we’re glad Cllr Chipp discussed these ideas with us. We’ll keep in touch.


(Photo above used under Creative Commons licence from Dauvit Alexander)

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