New Year resolutions in Shoreham: Some ideas…

Welcome to 2019! With a new year stretching out before us, we know many like to pick a resolution or two to help us get good habits off to a new start.

To help with the task of choosing a resolution, we’ve put together some ideas.

We know not everyone rides a bike as much as everyone else, so here a few suggestions to suit everyone.

Which one will you choose?

sbc new year's resolutions (3)

See this as a PDF if you prefer

I don’t ride a bike and don’t think I ever will

Choose from:

  • Have a cup of tea with someone who rides a bike. Ask them what it’s like cycling in Shoreham.
  • If you drive, commit to giving at least three feet whenever you overtake a person on a bike.
  • Walk a local journey you might otherwise have driven.
  • Are you an employer? Do what you can to enable your staff to cycle to work.

I haven’t ridden a bike for ages


Choose from:

  • Ask a bike shop or expert friend to take a look at your bike and check it for safety
  • Next time you need to buy a couple of small items from a nearby shop, trying making your journey by bike.
  • Take a small ride around the block, or through the park.
  • Remind yourself how it feels to ride a bike! Register for an account with BTN BikeShare or Worthing’s Donkey Bikes.

I ride a bike now and then

Choose from:

  • See how much shopping you can do by bike. Can you fit a week’s shop in a pannier?
  • Ride your bike to the pub. (Don’t have too much before the ride home!)
  • Try a longer ride than you usually do. Brighton or Worthing via NCN2? Steyning, via Downs Link?
  • Know a bike-friendly cafe or shop? Pay them a visit. Let them know you appreciate them.

I ride a bike often

Choose from:

  • Offer to take a look at a friend’s bike if it’s been in their shed for a while and needs fixing.
  • Have a cup of tea with someone who doesn’t ride a bike. Listen to their opinion of transport in Shoreham.
  • Join an organisation like Cycling UK, British Cycling or Sustrans.
  • Take a beginner friend for a ride. Show them the best routes around Shoreham.




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