Upper Shoreham Road: Tell WSCC what you think

The temporary cycle lanes on Upper Shoreham Road are nearing completion. Work still remains to complete some gaps and deal with parking blockages, but we hope there will soon be near-continuous cycle lanes to and from the River Adur to the Holmbush roundabout. There’s already been a noticable increase in cycling levels – and this looks set to continue when the project is complete.

Though West Sussex Highways are still working on the scheme, they’ve asked people to feed back, via an online form. The results of this survey will help West Sussex County Council to conduct a review in early November that will help them make important decisions on the future of the scheme.

We have taken a look at the survey wording, and we do think some of the questions are unfortunately put together – not always helping to build an accurate picture of how Shoreham people feel about using the lanes. We’ve told WSCC of our doubts with the form.

We would really encourage you to complete the survey – but taking particular care over the questions that aren’t clear.

It is important that enough of us fill in the form, so here are our tips and thoughts. You should complete the form personally and honestly, but if you find our observations helpful, then here they are:

The first question asks:
“We would like to understand the MAIN PERSPECTIVE from which you are responding to this survey (e.g. pedestrian, cyclist, motorist, business owner etc.).”

You can probably guess why we don’t like this question. We don’t think the people of Shoreham fit into boxes defined by a preferred mode of transport. But this question can’t be skipped – so fill it in as best you can.

Soon after this comes a very important question, that we think is unclearly worded:
“Would you support or oppose the Upper Shoreham Road, Shoreham (2.7km) temporary (or pop-up cycle lane being made permanent in its current format?”

This is tricky. We don’t know exactly how literally the phrase “in its current format” will be interpreted, so our advice is, if you support the lanes in any form (even if you want to see major improvements), we suggest ticking ‘Support’ or ‘Strongly support’.

But importantly, there then comes a question that includes:
“If you would like to provide any additional comments”

Here’s the place where you can really open up with your thoughts. Even if you’re a fan of the cycle lanes in general, which parts aren’t up to scratch? What needs to change? What can be improved?

You’re very likely to have your own thoughts on this, but here are some ideas you may want to consider…

  • Would the lanes be easier and safer if they were wider? The Department for Transport says cycle lanes should be a minimum of 2 metres.
  • Are the ‘advisory’ sections with dashed lines too prone to blockage by parked cars? Would ‘mandatory’ sections with solid white lines discourage illegal parking?
  • What do you think of the orange ‘wands’? If you dislike them, what else would you suggest goes in their place?
  • Does the road surface need repairing, to make for a safer ride?
  • How safe do you feel when passing left turns? Are drivers aware that they musn’t cut across you? What would help here?
  • When passing parking spaces near Southlands shops and Southlands Hospital, how do you feel about riding in ‘door zone‘ of cars? Would you prefer a design that avoids this proximity?
  • By the Red Lion pub, a ‘toucan’ crossing (for people on foot and on bikes), was proposed, but then removed from the plans. Would a proper signalled crossing here be a helpful change, to help journeys to and from the Adur and north Lancing?
  • How about the other end of the cycle lanes, near Holmbush? Is the layout safe and clear? Should the pedestrian crossing be converted to help people make the connection when cycling? And how is the crossing over Stoney Lane?

Near the end comes an invitation to “provide any additional comments. Here’s where you can share anything else that’s on your mind. You might want to mention the difference that the cycle lanes are making to you, and your family.

WSCC’s review of Upper Shoreham Road’s lanes will take place in early November, so we would encourage you to fill in your feedback form as soon as possible.


More to say? Why not write?

If you have more to share, then emails can also be useful.

We would suggest emailing your county councillor to tell them how you’ve been using the cycle lanes. Additionally, you may want to copy in your district councillor, and WSCC’s specific email address for this project (but you might want to indicate that you don’t need an additional response from the addresses you copy in).

  • To find your county or district councillors, use WriteToThem.

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