Local elections 2021: Our questions for candidates

On 6 May 2021, local elections will enable the people of Shoreham to select preferred candidates for a raft of important posts:
West Sussex County Council – all seats are up for election , including two in Shoreham, two in Lancing and one in Southwick.
Adur District Council – half of all seats are up for election
Sussex Police and Crime Commisioner – up for election

The role of local democracy is vital in working towards safe streets and easier, more convenient infrastructure that enables the choice of cycling for everyday journeys. WSCC has the crucial responsibility for highways and infrastructure, while ADC controls decisions around planning and other local matters.

Liberal Democrats

For district and county council candidates, we offer the following questions, to help us all better understand their positions on transport in and around Shoreham. We invite candidates’ responses, which we will share publicly, to help the people of Shoreham with their voting decisions…

1. In recent years, the people of Shoreham have experienced a growing dependence on cars as a default means of transport – even for short journeys. New housing developments look to bring more challenges for congestion and air pollution. How do you see the future of transport in our town? What changes need to happen in order for people to feel they have more choices for getting around safely and sustainably?

2. Between district and county councils, there are many policies, strategies and consultation reports describing a need for cycle infrastructure. Though many councillors express support or sympathy for the cause of improving sustainable transport, an appetite for actual change is sometimes harder to find. Alongside the crucial task of listening to local people, what are your thoughts on the role of councillors as leaders, helping us to consider new, perhaps unfamiliar, ideas?

3. Certain measures are recognised as ways to create safety and choice on our streets, by improving conditions for people choosing to walk or cycle. What are your thoughts on options like these?
• A network of high quality separated cycle routes reaching every part of Shoreham
• ‘School streets’, where areas outside schools are closed to traffic at the start and end of the school day
• 20 mph areas, reducing danger by lowering vehicle speeds in residential streets
• Reducing excessive traffic in selected residential streets by installing filters that allow pedestrians, cycles, emergency services and buses through, while limiting other vehicles to access only.
4. What other ideas do you have for transport in and around Shoreham and Adur?

If you are a candidate in the elections, feel free to respond to us by email to shorehambycycle@gmail.com, or as a comment on this post. We will share your answers with the public.

Liberal Democrats

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