WSCC publishes its Shoreham engagement report – and it’s good news

As part of its commitment to thorough consultation on the future of cycling and walking in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex County Council recently asked the people of Shoreham for their thoughts on what’s needed to create streets truly fit for getting around by bike and by foot.

An engagement was conducted between 6 and 26 March. Following the (successful, but sadly shortlived) temporary cycle lanes of last winter, Upper Shoreham Road was a key focus of the engagement, alongside questions regarding areas like Middle Road and Eastern Avenue, and the chance for residents and travellers to pin their thoughts to a map, building a detailed picture of local concerns.

WSCC’s report on the engagement has just been published.
You can view the full report, but here are our highlights…

  • 68% of people responding to the questions supported improvements to walking and cycling in Shoreham (this figure is similar to that noted in other recent surveys, such as those conducted by Tim Loughton MP and by the Shoreham Society)
  • So, for every one respondent opposing improving walking and cycling on Upper Shoreham Road there were more than two supporting improvements.
  • Looking at options for Upper Shoreham Road, a permanent one way cycle lane on each side of the road proved more popular than the idea of a two-way route on just one side. (This reflects government design guidance for residential streets like Upper Shoreham Road.)
  • 74% of people indicated support for a crossing on Steyning Road by the Red Lion pub.
  • 68% of people supported reducing the speed of traffic in Middle Road and Eastern Avenue.
  • 66% supported changing the layout of Middle Road and Eastern Avenue to make them safer for walking and cycling
Our visualisation of how cycle facilities could look on Upper Shoreham Road.

So, with a good level of support shown for moving forward, what happens next?

Next up is another round of WSCC consultation – this one more detailed. We’re expecting to see different design options made available for comment. This consultation is planned to run between 5 July and 1 August – ready for WSCC to bid for a new wave of Department for Transport Active Travel funding.

We’ll share more details as soon as they’re available.

The Department for Transport’s Active Travel Fun video – featuring Shoreham!

2 thoughts on “WSCC publishes its Shoreham engagement report – and it’s good news”

  1. This seems to be a good solution. However. Is it necessary to take up so much available space. If it was done one side of the road only you could have two way cycling like on the path by the river. Doesn’t seem to be an issue there with pedestrian and cycles in the same space.
    Are they planning to replace the whole road surface? It’s such a mess and is extremely dangerous for all road users.


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