WSCC’s July consultation: What do we think?

As the next stage in West Sussex’s consultation process for Shoreham, an online survey is about to come to an end – allowing local people to express their thoughts on new proposals for improvements to streets.

If you live in, live near, or travel through Shoreham, and you haven’t yet participated, the deadline is stated as Sunday 1 August – but we don’t know whether submissions close at the start or the end of the day, so our advice is to ensure you complete your survey by the end of of Saturday 31 July.

What’s on offer?

After a good response to March’s initial engagement, West Sussex County Council has moved forward with a choice of two outline designs for Upper Shoreham Road, as well as some initial ideas for the Middle Road area.

The proposal is NOT to return to the temporary orange plastic wands we saw last winter. Instead, plans involve good design, attractive changes and layouts that retain space for parking cars.

The big question: One-way or two-way?

WSCC would like to know your thoughts on whether Upper Shoreham Road would best be served by a single two-way cycletrack on the south side of the street, or a pair of one-way tracks – one on each side.

Our firm recommendation is for the ‘one way, both sides’ option.
It is simpler to understand – particularly when driving. Here we explain more:

Other things you may want to consider in your response to the proposals:

  • Rather than squeezing past the Amsterdam pub, should St Nicolas Lane be used to create a better connection to a proposed new crossing over the A283 Steyning Road?
  • Are there enough pedestrian crossings? Walking is important as well as cycling – so should the number of crossings be increased to reflect this?
  • Also with walking in mind, should the very wide entrances to some side-turnings be adjusted to make them easier to cross?

Proposals for Middle Road / Eastern Avenue area

WSCC is also looking for your thoughts on what kind of measures might improve safety for journeys in the area around Middle Road.

Our thoughts on these:

  • It’s good to see ideas like continuous footways, traffic filters and School Streets being considered, but…
  • The measures on the WSCC map may not be in the best-chosen locations to address problems.
  • Three key roads, Middle Road, Eastern Avenue and Stoney Lane, appear unimproved by the proposals.
  • Stoney Lane in particular needs changes, to address problems at the start and the end of the school day. It may benefit from becoming a School Street.

Whatever your preferences, you don’t have long to participate. Complete the survey NOW – and tell your friends.

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