WSCC consultation: A259 and Lancing

West Sussex County Council is once again asking for your opinions on much-needed improvements for cycling and walking across the county.

This time around, there are three areas up for discussion:
1) Chichester
2) A259 Brighton Road, from Shoreham to Portslade
3) Lancing and Sompting

Certain parts of the consultation are clear and straightforward, while some parts do not explain the options and proposals as well as they might.

So here, we offer a few pointers and recommendations you may want to bear in mind. We hope this will help when you complete the survey before 12 April 2022.

Firstly, open the survey, but keep this page visible as you work through it.

Many questions are self-explanatory, but here are some that we feel need particular attention…

How effective would the following initiatives be in encouraging you to cycle/walk/use public transport more often around your local area?

Several good and effective measures are listed here, but a significant exception is ‘Shared paths to be used by both pedestrians and cyclists‘. We firmly recommend selecting ‘Not at all effective‘ here, as this design creates conflict between people on foot and people on bikes.

The next section deals with Chichester. This isn’t our patch, so we won’t make suggestions there. But do complete this section if it’s relevant to you and your journeys. Contact Chicycle for advice or expertise around Chichester.

Shoreham’s section of the survey deals with the A259, from the Adur Ferry Bridge to Portslade – NOT Shoreham High Street

Some important things to know:

The A259, from Shoreham to Portslade, has long been recognised as an important (but currently unsafe) cycle route, primarily for commuters, but partly for south coast leisure tourers trying to follow the convoluted route of National Cycle Network’s Route 2. There’s an added need to address this important road, given the coming construction of hundreds of new homes along Shoreham’s waterfront, and the new residents’ need for safe local journeys that will not add to traffic congestion.

The A259 creates an important connection with Brighton & Hove, whose seafront cycle route is heavily used. Many Shoreham people make regular journeys to our neighbouring city. Proposals for the A259 are in addition to those for Upper Shoreham Road. Our district needs a network of multiple routes. This new consultation can support that goal.

A259 proposals maintain on-street parking and vehicle capacity, and do not involve changes to Shoreham High Street.

Back to the questions…

Overall, to what extent do you support suggested improvements that will help to improve walking and cycling along the A259 between Shoreham and Brighton and Hove border?” 

For the reasons we mention above, we advise ‘Strongly support‘, for such a significant route.

To what extent do you support the following individual improvement ideas along the A259 between Shoreham and Brighton and Hove border?

This question asks for your feelings on specific measures.

A dedicated, two-way space for cycling: We advise ‘Strongly support‘ – far and away the most appropriate format for this route.

Shared use paths: We very much advise ‘Strongly oppose‘. This design would create conflict between people on foot and on bike, and is no longer recommended in urban and suburban environments.

Raised tables along some side road junctions: We advise ‘Strongly support‘ with the option to add comments in the next question.

Floating bus stops: We advise ‘Support‘ or ‘Strongly support‘, with the option to add comments at the next question. Such features must be well-designed, but reduce danger considerably, as people using bikes no longer have to pull out around stopped buses.

A well-designed ‘floating bus stop’. Photo by Cycling Embassy of Great Britain.

New and improved crossings: We advise ‘Strongly support‘, in order to ensure there is safe access to locations like Lidl, Halfords and McDonald’s, whether people are on bike or on foot.

Cyclist-priority traffic signals: We advise ‘Support‘ or ‘Strongly support‘, though with a separated route, there should be limited need for this measure.

Do you have any further comments about the proposals along the A259 between Shoreham and Brighton and Hove border?

Here, you can add additional notes and thoughts. Some things you may want to consider:

The case against shared use pavements is clear, creating conflict between people on foot and on bike. You may like to share your thoughts on this here.

Raised tables at junctions must have continuous priority for people cycling. Their design should ‘kink’ carefully into the junction, to provide protection from turning cars, and to comply with current best practice.

A good design for raised tables at side junctions. Image by the Alternative Department for Transport.

The next part of the survey moves on to three proposed ideas for Lancing and Sompting areas. You don’t have to fill this in, but you may like to.

Overall, to what extent do you support suggested improvements that will help to improve walking and cycling within Lancing and Sompting? 

We recommend ‘Strongly support‘ here – especially given the construction of housing at New Monks Farm and how many more Shoreham children are set to attend Sir Robert Woodard Academy.

To what extent do you support the following individual improvement ideas for Lancing and Sompting?

Our main recommendation here, as before, is a ‘Strongly oppose‘ for the idea of shared pavements. This design is deprecated and unsuitable in most environments.

Which of the 3 cycle routes in Lancing and Sompting would you consider to be most important?

All three of the proposed routes are important for the future of cycling in Adur. The Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan makes clear we need a network of routes: north-south as well as east-west. So, rather than ranking routes as 1, 2 and 3, we recommend going to the option of ‘All routes are equally important‘, selecting ‘1‘, and then moving to the next question.

Do you have any further comments about the proposals within Lancing and Sompting?

Here you have space to add additional thoughts, so if you want to add more about the importance of all three routes, or your feelings about shared pavements, for example, you can.

Questions? Ideas? Ask us!

You have until 12 April to complete WSCC’s survey. If you would like any more information to help you understand the important issues, just let us know, either by email, via Twitter or on Facebook.

Join Shoreham-By-Cycle

To stay informed on efforts to really enable cycling in Shoreham-by-Sea, you can become a member of Shoreham-By-Cycle – a growing community group on a mission to improve our streets.

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