Four years in, it’s time to get serious: Launching Shoreham-By-Cycle membership

On 13 March 2018, a small group of friends gathered in Shoreham’s legendary Duke of Wellington pub.

They discussed how Shoreham-by-Sea, our charming, lively town, really wasn’t as easy as it should be for making short journeys by bike, and how the local media narrative on cycling really wasn’t helping. They decided to set up a community group called Shoreham-By-Cycle, as a way of having a useful dialogue with the decision-makers whose actions shape our journeys and our lives.

It’s been a busy four years. Many meetings with local councillors, West Sussex County Council and Adur & Worthing Councils, but also with Sussex Police, Tim Loughton MP, schools, employers and others.

There have been consultations. So many consultations. There have been steps forward, but also steps backwards. Mistakes have been made. Funds have been awarded, but bids have been blocked.

Notably, something there’s been very little of is action. Over the last 25 years, both our councils – district and county – have published a series of strategies, plans and policies on infrastructure, transport and environment. Over and over again, our elected members – at district, county and Westminster level – issue warm words on a need to encourage cycling and walking. But despite decades of announcements and commitments, there has been no construction of any permanent quality cycling infrastructure in Shoreham for over 25 years. And as Shoreham grows in population, the need to act positively on transport options grows ever more urgent.

Over the last four years, Shoreham-By-Cycle has received huge levels of support from many people, organisations and community groups across Shoreham and beyond – all keen to support us in our efforts to see positive change for our streets and our town. We have nearly a thousand Twitter followers, and over a thousand Facebook followers.

Join Shoreham-By-Cycle

But now we’re making it official. Shoreham-By-Cycle is becoming a membership organisation. As a member, you can be better informed about the journey we’re on together, knowing that your voice is being heard. With membership, we can demonstrate the strength of support for progress, and show our councils that the people of Shoreham and Adur are tired of empty words and environmental pronouncements that aren’t backed by action.

How much is Shoreham-By-Cycle membership?

You choose. Membership starts at £2/year, but we invite anyone who would like to to choose to pay a little more: £5 or £10.

What happens to the money?

At the moment, our expenses include things like website hosting, printing and occasional other costs like online advertising to spread awareness. As we expand, some modest funds, carefully spent, will help us take on more challenges and speak to more people.

Who can join Shoreham-By-Cycle?

Anyone. Anyone who wants to add their voice to the growing movement that’s asking for positive improvements to our streets. It doesn’t matter how often you ride a bike – or even if you don’t ride a bike at all. You just have to believe the people our our town and area will benefit from well-designed infrastructure that makes cycling a safe, easy option.

Councillors, whether district or county, are welcome to join Shoreham-By-Cycle as members, but won’t be allowed to sit on our committee, as we prize our political neutrality. We hold councillors to account, but we have no party affiliation.

Join us now

We’re on the verge of positive change for Shoreham and Adur. But we need to work together and show our councils, and other decision-makers, how many of us are united. So join us now, and we’ll see how much we can achieve together.

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