Adur District Council 2022 elections: our questions for candidates

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On 5 May 2022, around half the seats on Adur District Council are up for election. Much of the power to bring positive improvements to our streets lies in the hands of our elected councillors. With this in mind, we’re offering three questions to all candidates. We’ll publish their individual responses, to help voters decide how to vote.

If you’re an election candidate, you can email us with your answers. We’ll be very grateful and will share your words with your potential electors.

The questions…

Adur District Council (as well as West Sussex County Council and the Department for Transport) lay down strong commitments through their policies and strategies that call for cycling and walking to be made easier and safer through the construction of high quality infrastructure. Yet no permanent cycle infrastructure has been built in Shoreham for over 25 years.

  1. What will you do (and, if incumbent, what have you already done) to bring meaningful improvement to cycling in Adur, not in the distant future, but soon?

  2. In your ward, or in Adur more widely, what specific problems, challenges or solutions would you like to address that would enable more safe, easy everyday journeys by bike?

  3. Do you have any other ambitions for cycling or other forms of sustainable transport in Shoreham and Adur, particularly as the population of our district grows in coming years?

If you are a candidate emailing us at, please mention your party, and the ward in which you are standing.

Answers from each Adur District Council ward

If you do not see your ward listed, we have not yet received any responses. We will share them when we have them.

To check which ward you live in, you can use the WriteToThem site.

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