2022 local election candidates: Hillside ward

We have asked all candidates in May’s Adur District Council elections to answer some questions on cycling and transport, to help residents decide on their vote.

Here are the responses we have received so far for Hillside Ward in Southwick. If you do not see a response from a candidate you’re looking for, we have not yet received one, and we’ll publish it when we do.

To view candidates for a different ward, see our main 2022 local elections page.

Candidate: Rebecca Allinson
Party: Labour

1. What will you do to bring meaningful improvement to cycling in Adur, not in the distant future, but soon?

As a councillor I will press for a network of safe cycling routes across Adur. 

We seem to have an endless series of consultations, often poorly organised, on cycle routes, but little action. As a councillor I will want to see genuine discussion between the planners and local people so we can work together to make Adur a better, safer place. 

2. In your ward, or in Adur more widely, what specific problems, challenges or solutions would you like to address that would enable more safe, easy everyday journeys by bike?

I cycle a lot and I experience the pot-holes, poor road surfaces and speeding traffic of Hillside. These things are dangerous for cyclists and I will press the county council to do its job to bring our roads up to standard and to review speed limits. It’s odd that Mile Oak Road is 30mph until the Portslade boundary when it becomes 20mph. 20mph should be the norm for urban areas. That makes sense for safety and reducing pollution.  

A consultation has just closed on a cycle route along the A259 through Southwick to Hove. Some of what is suggested is very positive but how does someone cycling from Hillside reach that cycle lane?  We should have safe cycle routes down to Southwick Green, the Square, the A259, the beach and, of course, to Shoreham Academy. 

As well as north-south, I would like to look at whether the services roads alongside Old Shoreham Road could be an opportunity for safe cycling east-west. 

Something should also be done about access to Holmbush. Most people doing the weekly shop will come by car or bus, but it should be made easier for people to pop in on their cycles or by foot, and for staff to cycle too. That would be good for the individual and for the environment. What we have now is entirely designed for cars while cyclists have to take to the winding, narrow pavement. We should be making it easier to cycle, not creating obstacle courses.  

Do you have any other ambitions for cycling or other forms of sustainable transport in Shoreham and Adur, particularly as the population of our district grows in coming years?

Transport is the biggest cause of pollution in Adur so we would like to make leaving the car behind a viable option. Cycling to work, to the station, to school, to the shops or for leisure should be easier and safer. I support more places to park cycles in town centres and workplaces, more 20mph speed limit zones and an affordable integrated public transport system. More about our Labour policies are on: https://www.ewslabour.org.uk/2022/04/14/our-priorities-for-cycling-and-transport-in-adur/

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