2022 local election candidates: Mash Barn ward

We have asked all candidates in May’s Adur District Council elections to answer some questions on cycling and transport, to help residents decide on their vote.

Here are the responses we have received so far for Mash Barn ward in Lancing. If you do not see a response from a candidate you’re looking for, we have not yet received one, and we’ll publish it when we do.

  • Lee Cowen, Labour
  • Carina Livingstone, Green Party – no reply received yet
  • Doris Martin, Liberal Democrats – no reply received yet
  • Mike Mendoza, Conservative – no reply received yet

    To view candidates for a different ward, see our main 2022 local elections page.

Candidate: Lee Cowen
Party: Labour

What will you do (and, if incumbent, what have you already done) to bring meaningful improvement to cycling in Adur, not in the distant future, but soon?

I’m the leader of the Labour group, the opposition to the Conservatives who are the current majority on Adur District Council. As leader, my aim has been to ensure Labour listens to local people and put the interests of local people and their well-being at the heart of everything we do.

To support well-being we must support measures to reduce pollution and to make it easier for young and old to cycle safely. My ward is Lancing and many people have little alternative than to use a car because of the lack of affordable reliable public transport or safe cycling routes. This must change.

I campaigned against IKEA which would have caused more road traffic, congestion and pollution to Lancing. The provision to cross the A27 is inadequate in my opinion.

I have argued that new developments across the district must mitigate their impact by providing improved local infrastructure including cycle lanes and cycle racks.

There doesn’t appear to be a holistic approach to planning and development whatsoever with developers and councillors seen to be passing the buck.

I want to see improvements made where targets are set and adhered to.

In your ward, or in Adur more widely, what specific problems, challenges or solutions would you like to address that would enable more safe, easy everyday journeys by bike?

The County Council has consulted on possible cycle routes in Lancing, including Grinstead Lane and South Street and along Upper Brighton Road/Cokeham Road/Crabtree Lane. I’m not sure many people even knew that a consultation took place. I support genuine consultation, where councils listen to people and discuss with them how we can, together, improve our areas, not repeated on-line surveys.

Many families and school children are nervous about riding cycles on our busy roads. The A27 is one of those routes but with the New Monks Farm development currently under construction I will ensure that a safe route is always available.

We often see cars parked on cycle lanes and blocking sightlines at junctions. We need improved reporting mechanisms and enforcement. The prevalence of potholes on our local roads can be very dangerous for vulnerable cyclists.

Labour councillors have and will continue to call for genuine improvements as a matter of urgency, not just something to be put into a plan and not implemented.

Do you have any other ambitions for cycling or other forms of sustainable transport in Shoreham and Adur, particularly as the population of our district grows in coming years?

We favour policies that will make it easier for people to choose to leave the car behind for many journeys. That’s not how new developments in Adur are being designed along the A27 or the A259.  It should be easier and safer, for local people to cycle to work, to school, to the shops or for leisure.

I support more places to park cycles in town centres and workplaces, more 20mph speed limit zones and an affordable integrated public transport system.

More about our Labour policies are on: https://www.ewslabour.org.uk/2022/04/14/our-priorities-for-cycling-and-transport-in-adur/

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