2022 local election candidates: Churchill ward

We have asked all candidates in May’s Adur District Council elections to answer some questions on cycling and transport, to help residents decide on their vote.

Here are the responses we have received so far for Churchill ward in Lancing. If you do not see a response from a candidate you’re looking for, we have not yet received one, and we’ll publish it when we do.

To view candidates for a different ward, see our main 2022 local elections page.

Candidate: Steve Neocleous
Party: Conservative

1. What will you do (and, if incumbent, what have you already done) to bring meaningful improvement to cycling in Adur, not in the distant future, but soon?  

I’ll be honest, I’m not a cyclist myself. However I have plenty of very good friends who are and I’m also a frequent visitor (well pre pandemic anyway) to friends who live just outside of Amsterdam and who cycle everywhere! I’d like to see the rent a cycle scheme put in place as soon as possible, in an ideal world this could/should connect all the way from Worthing across Lancing, Shoreham and Adur into Brighton & Hove. 

2. In your ward, or in Adur more widely, what specific problems, challenges or solutions would you like to address that would enable more safe, easy everyday journeys by bike? 

Specific problems in my ward are more to do with inconsiderate parking. I have many emails from residents complaining about people parking on corners of roads which obstructs views for both cyclists and drivers alike but makes things considerably more dangerous for cyclists. WSCC and Adur District should be able to work closer together to tackle this.

3. Do you have any other ambitions for cycling or other forms of sustainable transport in Shoreham and Adur, particularly as the population of our district grows in coming years?  

I would be an advocate of car free developments moving forwards so that we can try and change mindsets and reduce reliance on cars. There are many such developments in Brighton & Hove. 

I also have particular ambitions to help re-generate Lancing and I have made no secret of the fact that I would love to see South Street, from the Asda entrance to Chester Avenue pedestrianised, even if only during the day (as per George Street in Hove). This could encompass cycle lanes too so that getting into the centre of the Village is less of a problem for people on bikes. 

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